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Havana Vibes
Havana Vibes Guantanamera

HAVANA VIBES presents their 2nd Single, remix RMX 2020 “GUANTANAMERA” of the Latin American Classic.

HAVANA VIBES! English/Spanish Pop sound influenced by the soulful vocals of native Washington DC entertainer  Ron White and the Argentine artist Sil Paolini. Havana Vibes epic groove presents an erotic wave of emotions for the european media and international markets.

Ron White aka Mr Showbiz has been singing since early childhood and lives for the stage. His incredible talent and extraordinary charisma is legendary. Ron White has appeared in concert and tv with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Performances with Enrique Iglesias, Michael Bolton, P. Diddy, Lighthouse Family, The Weather Girls etc…

Sil Paolini found her passion for stage in Argentina’s vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. The artist enjoyed extensive education in dance, show, choreography and singing, has toured several shows around the world and is known to the public through promotional clips from MC Donalds and Dove.

HAVANA VIBES debut “BAILA CONMIGO“ achieved considerable success on YouTube and Spotify! Many radio stations played the title with power rotation over several months achieving # 2 in the Top20 listener charts.

The composers of RMX 2020 “GUANTANAMERA” are Ron White, Michael Vitoria & Rolf Wetzel.

Ron White & Michael Victoria reunited after successfully writing and producing the “4The Cause CD “Stand By Me“. The title was awarded to Gold and Platinum in Germany,

Platinum in New Zealand, Belgium, Austria and Gold in Switzerland. The CD sold over 2 million units in Europe, UK and USA.

If you`re tired of cold, dark, rain, freezing days and you wish summer would last forever, turn this video up and catch the vibes of a hot sizzling beach party  
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Since Friday you can finally get our new song on AMAZON, iTunes, Spotify…. A perfect investment for your Halloween Party. HAPPY HALLOWEEN and for our friends in Germany “have a great long party weekend”! Till soon Silvi & Ron  
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HAVANA VIBES presents their 2nd Single, remix RMX 2020 “GUANTANAMERA” of the Latin American Classic. HAVANA VIBES! English/Spanish Pop sound influenced by the soulful vocals of native Washington DC entertainer Ron White and the Argentine artist Sil Paolini. Ha...
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